Circus Magic Arts & Ministry Convention Schedule 2020

We Love America!

Special Classes for Pastors and Children Ministries Workers!

Honoring Tom E Boy King

8:00-10:00  Registration Open (get there early to avoid the rush)

8:15-8:30    Morning Devotions with Mike Britt

9:00-4:00    Intensive Tracks

Clown Stores open 9:00am-10:00pm

Friday Intensive Tracks (additional fee)

1. Hospital and Nursing Home Clowning with Joe Barney

Hospital Clowning (this Ain’t No Birthday party) The basics of performing in a medical setting, Hospital protocol, how to stay out of the doctor’s way, but make them laugh too. Hygiene for you and your props, simple bits to entertain all ages, clowning for nursing homes, how to avoid hospital clown burn out. Hospital Clowning is the most rewarding of all facets of clowning.

 2. Powerful Puppet Performances with the David Messick

Discover the ins and outs of presenting fast moving well-paced performances. This intensive includes a review of the building blocks of a strong program, concentrating on variety and pacing. Also included will be a wide variety of puppet styles including: hand puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppets and marionettes. Even if you have never performed with a puppet, you will finish the session with all the basic skills necessary for success. The class will perform a 20 minute performance during the weekend.

3. Balloon Décor with Hope Holmes Certified Balloon Artist    

The basics of balloon decor will be taught with an “On-The-Job Training Approach”.  We will use round and entertainer balloons to create decor that will be utilized throughout the convention area. Information will be provided about equipment needed for sizing, building columns and characters as well.


4:00-6:30 Dinner on your own with a new friend

6:45-7:45    Welcome to Circus Magic Convention!

Featuring the fun ONE minute dealer show with the Riz & Performance of the Puppet Class, Announcements, and introductions of the teaching and performing staff.

7:45-10:00    Clown Stores Open

8:00-10:00   Madness Jam

Balloons, glitter tattoos, juggling, magic and face painting. Bring what you have and teach others what you know! And bring a snack to share!

8:00-10:00     Registration

8:30-8:45     Morning Devotions with Earl Long

8:00-5:00   Clown Store Open

9:00-6:00   Little Big Top

9:00-9:15   Group Photo: A free photo will be posted online

9:30-10:30      Seminars

  1. Sound and Music in Your Act with Joe Barney
  2. Gospel Magic with Earl Long
  3. Glitter Tattoos with Monica Chaney

10:45-11:45     Seminars

  1. Theatrics for Clowns with Hope Holmes & Mike Britt
  2. Working With a Partner: I Have Your Back with The Grettons
  3. Glitter Tattoos with Monica Chaney

11:45-1:00     Lunch With A New Friend!

 1:00-2:00     Seminars

  1. The Business of Family Entertainment with Joe Barney
  2.  Making Paper Napkin Roses with Bob Gretton
  3.   Greatest Clown Walk A Rounds with Dave Hill

2:15-3:15     Seminars

  1. The Magic of the Birthday Party with Joe Barney
  2.   Comedy Storytelling with Riz
  3. Puppet Types and Techniques with David Messic

3:30-4:30       Seminars

  1. Fun Balloon Games & Contests with Dave Hill
  2.   How to Make a Puppet Come to Life with Riz
  3. Fun & Entertaining Balloons Sculptures with Karan Robins

5:00-5:20  A Fun Show with the Little Big Top and Boss Clowns Bob & Teresa Gretton

5:30-6:15       Seminars

  1. The Magic of Christmas: Taking Your Holiday Performance to the Next Level Jessica King
  2. How to Create an Entertaining Business with Hope Holmes
  3. Gospel Magic with Earl Long

7:00-9:00       Circus Magic Banquet

The Hilarious Antics of the Gretton’s, Hope Holmes, PT the clown and a CM Tribute to Tom King!

Special Guest MC: Earl Long. What a night! Also Raffles and Surprises!

9:00-?            Last Chance to Shop


10:00-10:45     Sunday March 1st Seminars

  1. Juggling 101 with Earl Long
  2. Business Aspects of Children’s Parties with Hope Holmes


11:00- 11:45     Clown Worship Service, come join us in fellowship!


 See you next year same date and location!


Celebrating with Education for Mr. & Mrs. Claus

 With Joe Barney


9AM to 5 PM


“Dare to be different”

Santa’s got a brand new bag!!!




JOE BARNEY is an award winning family entertainer and has traveled all over the United States spreading smile for the past 40 years. Joe has portrayed Santa for almost as many years.

He has worn the Big Red Suit for The White House, The Foxwoods Casino, Hershey, and The Six Flags Theme Parks and has played the “Big Room” Macy’s Herald Square.


Joe Is not your stereotypical Santa……His approach is “Dare to be different!”

Or on a different spin “Don’t let the suit wear you…You wear the suit, make it your own.”

Joe is a performance base Santa… What is that you say?  Well come to the lecture /workshop and find out for yourself.


Joes workshop is a fun filled, fast paced romp through the world of Santa Claus, Who is this Guy Santa? Where does he come from? Does he make the toys? Do reindeer really fly? Is Mrs. Claus a good cook…? How old is Rudolph?

So many questions and so little time…


Joe is blessed with six children and he has always looked at life and performing thru the eyes of a child. Joe’s wife Ann. tells everybody she has seven children and Joe’s the oldest.


So get ready for a day of fun and hopefully a rebirth and a fresh new out look for your Santa character!!!