Circus Magic Convention Schedule

February 23-26 2017

Coloring the World Happy!

Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 9:00-4:00

8:00-10:00  Registration Open in the lobby (get there early to avoid the rush)

8:15-8:30    Morning Devotions with Michael Britt – Grand Ballroom B

9:00-4:00    Intensive Tracks

Clown Stores open 9:00am-10:00pm


Thursday Intensive Tracks (additional fee)

  1. Super Balloon Workshop with Dana Hill, Lew E Andrews & Karan Robbins – Grand Ballroom C   

Bring Your Own Pump Please                                                                      

Welcome back to the Circus Magic Super Balloon Workshop where imagination rules and your skill level doesn’t matter. Our instructors are eager to provide hands-on learning opportunities for beginning intermediate or advanced balloon twisters. The energy level is unbelievable when balloon artists get together to share what they know. Be prepared to surprise yourself at how much you can learn.

“Okay Kid, Here’s Your Balloon” “Now What”? 3:00-4:00
Balloon Sculpturing has become a staple in the image of clowning. Now, it’s time to separate you from the clown that just twists balloons to the clown that entertains while you twist balloons! We will discuss little gags to perform for the children in the front of the line and even the ones in the very back! Also, we will discuss ways of handling fussy parents, and how to take care of breaks while working! Bring your pumps and your favorite balloons and have some fun with us. Some samples will be provided.

  1. Building a Show from A to Z with Brad Roberts & Lew “E” Andrews – Peninsula B               

9:00–10:00        The bare necessities every show has to have

10:00-10:45       Taking your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses

11:00-12:00       Improving your show with Improv

12:00-1:00         LUNCH

1:00-2:00           Okay we have pieced it together, now how do we make it work?

2:00-3:00           Marketing the show and getting clients to buy your product

3:00 4:00           Q&A closer: Brad & Guest Panel


6:30-6:45   Staff Meeting – Grand Ballroom A                                                               


8:00-?   Midnight Madness Jam – Peninsula A,B,C

Balloons, juggling, magic and face painting. Bring what you have and teach others what you know! And bring a snack to share!


Friday, February 24th, 9:00-4:00

7:30-10:00 & 3:00-6:00 Registration in the lobby

8:15-8:30   Morning Devotions with DJ Ehlert – Grand Ballroom B

9:00-4:00   Intensive Tracks

Clown Stores open 9:00am-6:00pm


Friday Intensive Tracks (additional fee)


  1. Clown Ministry with The Gramlichs – Peninsula A
    I’m a clown! I have been asked to share at my church! What do I do? No Budget? No backdrop? No props? No experience? Well here we go! Let’s do ministry in exciting and creative ways using items around the house, the church and even your garage! Watch how YOU can bring the Bible alive and have it speak to you like you’ve never experienced before! Come ready to participate!


  1. Balloon Décor with Chris Burton Certified Balloon Artist, – Grand Ballroom A


The basics of balloon decor will be taught with an “On-The-Job Training Approach”.  We will use round and entertainer balloons to create decor that will be utilized throughout the convention area. Information will be provided about equipment needed for sizing, building columns and characters as well.


  1. Puppet Making & Performance with Prince Puppets – Peninsula C

Learn how to make both sacred and secular puppet presentations delightfully “edutaining”. Morning session will focus on puppetry skills and weaving together a fun performance to be presented Friday evening. Afternoon session will be a creative adventure in puppet and prop building – lots of different kits to choose from (extra fee for kits payable at class).


  1. Face Painting For Fun & Profit with Hope & Monica – Peninsula B

This art form adds excitement to any type of event! Circus Magic staff presents this class that will improve your abilities. You will learn to do a variety of designs suitable for boys, girls and big kids. These are the most popular designs that are requested to be painted over and over again. In addition, Glitter Tattoos will be taught and all can participate!



4:00-5:30   Dinner on Your Own, Exhibits Open


5:30-6:30   Seminars

  1. Magic in Your Pockets with Mike Hummer – Peninsula A
  2. Keep it Simple Silly Balloon Class with Kelly & Chris – Peninsula B
  3. Developing Comedy & Performing for Young Children With Riz – Peninsula C
  4. Marketing for Entertainers with Lew E – Grand Ballroom A
  5. Working a Parade with The Grettons – Grand Ballroom C


6:30-6:45   First Timers Meet with Chris Burton – Peninsula C


6:45-7:45   Welcome to Circus Magic Convention! – Ballroom A                              

Featuring the fun ONE minute dealer show with Lew “E” Andrews & Performance of the          Puppet Class, Announcements, and introductions of the teaching and performing staff.


7:45-10:00   Clown Stores Open


8:00-?   Midnight Madness Jam – Peninsula B                                                      

Balloons, juggling, magic and face painting. Bring what you have and teach others what you know! And bring a snack to share!


Saturday, February 25th

8:00-10:00 Registration in the lobby

7:45-8:00   Morning Devotions with Ann Gramlich – Grand Ballroom B

8:00-5:00   Clown Store Open

9:00-9:15   Group Photo: A free photo will be posted online – Grand Ballroom A

9:30-4:00   Little Big Top with The Grettons & Gramlichs & Hope Holmes – Chesapeake Room


9:30-10:30      Seminars

  1. Gospel Puppetry with Prince Puppets – Grand Ballroom A
  2. There’s More to Clown Shows Than Skits: New Stage Stuff! The Gramlichs – Peninsula A                                                                
  3. Hospital Clowning with The Dodsons – Peninsula B
  4. Juggling for Everyone with Earl Long – Peninsula C
  5. World’s Greatest Clown Walk a Rounds with Dave Hill – Grand Ballroom C 


10:45-11:45   Seminars

  1. Make a Puppet Class with Prince Puppets (material fee at class) – Grand Ballroom A
  2. The Importance of Establishing a Character with Lew E – Grand Ballroom C
  3. Working With a Partner: I Have Your Back with The Grettons – Peninsula B
  4. Theatrics for Clowns with Hope Holmes – Peninsula A
  5. Great Magic for Children & Adults with Mike Hummer – Peninsula C


11:45-1:00  Lunch With A New Friend!


1:00-2:00        Seminars

  1. Clown Skits from Awesome to Zany with Chris Burton – Grand Ballroom C
  2.   Making Paper Napkin Roses with Bob Gretton – Peninsula B
  3.   Make and Take Foam Puppets with Gramlichs $10 class materials – Peninsula C
  4. Birthday Parties & Other Events Made Easier with Lew E – Grand Ballroom A
  5. Dress for Success! Clown Costuming with Chaneys – Peninsula A


2:15-3:15        Seminars

  1. Comedy Storytelling with Riz – Grand Ballroom C
  2. Magic So Easy a Cave Man Can Do It with Dave Hill – Peninsula A
  3. Hilarious Birthday Party Ideas with Brad Roberts – Grand Ballroom A
  4. Balloons They Will Love with Dana Hill – Peninsula C
  5. Warm Ups & Walk A Rounds with Tim & Bobby – Peninsula B


3:30-4:30       Seminars

  1. Theatrics for Clowns with Hope Holmes – Peninsula B
  2. Meet & Greet the Clown Way with Brad Roberts – Grand Ballroom B
  3. How to Make a Puppet Come to Life with Riz – Grand Ballroom C
  4. Worlds Greatest Clown Walk-a-Rounds with Dave Hill – Peninsula A
  5. Killer Close Up Magic with Mike Hummer – Peninsula C

4:30                Hotel Staff Opens Walls in Grand Ballroom


4:45-6:00       Seminars

  1. Juggling 101 with Earl Long – Peninsula A
  2. Restaurant Balloons & Magic with DJ – Peninsula B
  3.   The Beauty of Great Looking Clown Makeup with Lew E – Peninsula C


7:00-9:00       Circus Magic Banquet – Grand Ballrooms A,B,C                    

The Hilarious Antics of The Blues Brothers: Comedy Magic of Dave & Dana Hill & MC Lew “E” Andrews with Special Juggling Guests and a CM Tribute! Also Raffles, Awards and Prizes & Auction with Bobby Jonte!

9:00-?            Last Chance to Shop


Sunday, February 26th

9:00-9:45     Seminars

  1. Gospel Magic with Earl Long – Ballroom A
  2. Storytelling with the Gramlichs – Ballroom C


10:00-11:00   Worship Celebration: Prince Puppets & Staff – Grand Ballroom A


11:00-12:00   Wrap Up & Check Out: Drop Your Evaluations at the Front Desk

Lots of Hugs, Packing and Prayers for a Safe Trip! There’s No Place Like Home!


Super Santa Sunday with Exhibits! 9:00-5:00


Mr. & Mrs. Santa Business with Lew E Andrews & Staff – Peninsula ABC


9:00–10:00        Marketing yourself as a Professional Santa Claus: Lee Andrews

In order to make being a Santa your Profession you need to be able to market your product! In this class we will look at the great product you already have and expound on ways to sell yourself as a Claus! We travel through different aspects of Marketing and Social Media to achieve your goal of making being Santa your full-time profession…Or at least a FUN way to make a secondary Income! This class will also be very helpful to the men who just want to have FUN as Santa during the Christmas season and not necessarily get any monetary compensation because regardless you will still have to market yourself to be able to do events!

10:00-10:45       Creating a remarkable Santa Claus look: Lee Andrews and Chris Burton

Did you know there are over 250 versions and personas that Santa Claus has? The possibilities of how a Kringle can dress are endless! In this class we will discuss different appropriate dressing styles for Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Elves. We will cover different places to acquire clothing, belts, boots, props, and so much more!


11:00-12:00       How to work with a Mrs. Claus: Nina & Mike Britt

Learn how to entertain as Mrs. Claus and work as a couple to make an outstanding duo!


12:00-1:30         LUNCH


1:30-2:30           Being Performance Based Santa: Lee Andrews

Being Santa is so much more than just sitting in a chair and taking requests. In this class we cover how to be an entertainer first and Santa second. It really is true magic when you take a little time to become an entertainer in a Santa suit. We will discuss tips tricks and ideas for non-believers. Should Santa use Magic Props?  Should Santa Perform a magic trick? Those two questions are very different but so important! You don’t want to miss this session!


3:00-4:00           Tips and Tricks from a few seasoned Clauses: Mike, Nina, Tim & Bobby.

Lee as Moderator.




Next Year’s Dates Are February 22-25, 2018 with the theme of

We Love America!

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