Circus Magic Convention Schedule

February 18-21 2016

Celebrating Pirates of the Clown A-B-N!

For those of you that just can’t get enough of laughing & learning, we offer additional choices for Thursday and Friday. The registration fees for each of the workshops will be listed on the registration page. All classes will be from 9:00- 4:00

8:00-9:00 Registration in the lobby (get there early to avoid rush)

Thursday, Feb. 18th, 9:00- 4:00 Intensive Tracks  (additional fee)

8:00-10:00  Registration Open

8:15-8:30  Morning Devotions with Michael Britt                                    Grand Ballroom B


  1. Super Balloon Workshop with Miguel Flores, Karan Robbins, Valerie Tutson
     & Jenny Henry: Bring Your Own Pump Please                             Grand Ballroom C                                                            

Are you a beginner or intermediate balloon sculpture? If you are, then this class is especially designed for you. This one day workshop will feature hands-on teaching with free samples of balloons to experiment with. The class will be divided according to skill levels and you will spend the day learning lots of new & colorful creations! Don’t worry, there will be at least 3 competent and sharing staff members to help you learn the creations you have always wanted to do. You will gain experience with beginning 260’s to 360’s and big bears too! This will be a combination of basics, intermediate and advanced classes. Learn to improve your most popular designs and get your clients to hire you back again and again!

Headbands and wristables, not just for girls anymore. Products to be used in this class may include,  but are not limited to,  headbands, 160, 260, 360, 5”rounds –plain, polka dot, and prints,  5” quick links, Geo Blossoms,  Beige 5” Q hearts,  feathers, beads, pipe cleaners. Learn how to make and attach bases to different headbands.   Starting out simple with attached hearts or pre-prints and then moving on to making and designing abstract fascinators.  Several different bases and designs will be covered. Hearts, flowers, snowmen, penguin, dogs, monkeys, horses or other animals:  The possibilities are endless.

  1. Producing & Performing Stage Shows                                               Peninsula A & B

DJ Ehlert, Harold Wood & Steve Kissell     You will have a full day of  learning performing techniques for the professional, how to write, produce and perform an awesome show and explore new techniques for effective sound systems, affordable backdrops and music that works for you! Once your show is ready, let’s strategize on how to market it to create repeat business. Also: presentation skills, stage movement and theater.


6:30-6:45 Staff Meeting

7:00-8:00 Open Mic with Riz

9 AM to 10PM            Shopping at the Clown Stores

8:00? Midnight Madness Jam with balloons, juggling, magic and face painting. Bring what you have and teach others what you know! And bring a snack to share! Penn A,B,C


Friday, February 19th, 9:00-4:00

7:30-10:00 & 3:00-6:00 Registration in the lobby

8:15-8:30  Morning Devotions with DJ Ehlert                                              Grand Ballroom B

9:00-6:00 Clown Stores Open

Friday Intensive Tracks (additional fee)


  1. Clown Ministry with Chaney’s and the Britt’s                                 Peninsula Room A

Ever wanted to design and build a Vacation Bible School show? Do you want to learn how to minister with your clown character? Whether you desire to perform in a Gospel Clown Troop or solo, this class is for you! Clown Ministry can be used for church or community outreach. Learn from 4 full time and professional instructors on how to use your clown character to share Gods love through the humorous art of clowning. Also learn to use a puppet to tell the story of the Bible!

  1. The All Around Family Show Entertainer: Mike Hummer           Grand Ballroom C

  Are you ready to take your show to the next level? This class will help you get there!

In this class you’ll learn amazing family style magic routines that work for birthday parties, churches, schools, retirement homes, festivals, company picnics, holiday events, and more! This class will teach you magic that is EASY to perform, but is both FUNNY and AMAZING to your audience. These are routines that work as well for a small group in a home as they do for a large group in an auditorium. You DON’T need any previous knowledge of magic to learn these routines……you’ll be doing them right away. As a bonus to this class you’ll also be taught some very BASIC sleight of hand magic……magic with coins, pens, paper clips, handkerchiefs, etc.With basic sleight of hand you’re ALWAYS ready to perform at a moments notice because you don’t need any special props! DO NOT MISS THIS CLASS……..Bring a notebook and be ready to learn a ton of practical family magic routines. And by the way……….we’re going to have a LOT of fun too!


  1. Face Painting “On Demand” with Miguel Flores                                             Peninsula Room C

This art form adds excitement to any type of event! Miguel presents this class that will improve your abilities. You will learn to do a variety of designs suitable for boys, girls and big kids. These are the most popular designs that are requested to be painted over and over again.


  1. Balloon Décor with Chris Burton CBA, Valerie Tutson & Jenny Henry     Grand Ballroom A

The basics of balloon decor will be taught with an “On The Job Training Approach”.  We will use  round and entertainer balloons to create decor that will be utilized throughout the convention area.   Information will be provided about equipment needed for sizing, building columns and Characters as well.


4:00-5:30 Dinner on Your Own, Exhibits Open


5:30-6:15         Seminars

  1. New Magic Routines for Family Entertainers with Mike Hummer                Penn A
  2. Your Clown Voice with Mike Britt                                                                 Peninsula B
  3. Unique Routines for Family Shows with Riz                                                  Peninsula C
  4. Flying By the Seat of Your Pants with Gretton’s                                            Grand Ballroom A
  5. Face Painting for Beginners with Miguel Flores                                             Grand Ballroom C

6:30-6:45   First Timers Meet with Chris Burton                                                     Grand Ballroom A


6:45-7:45    Welcome to Circus Magic Convention!                                    

Featuring the fun ONE minute dealer show with Duffy.

Announcements, and introductions of the teaching and performing staff.

7:45-8:00     6. Mandatory Competition Meeting   Gretton’s                                   Grand Ballroom A

8:00-9:00  Puppets – Puppets everywhere!  Come an create a unique puppet of your very own (extra $15 fee for kit at door)     Prince Puppets                 Grand Ballroom A

7:45-10:00   Clown Stores Open

8:00-? Midnight Madness Jam with balloons, juggling, magic and face painting. Bring what you have and teach other what you know. And bring a snack to share!              GBA                                                      


Saturday, February 20th

8:00-10:00 Registration in the lobby

8:15-8:30   Morning Devotions with Monica  Chaney                                            Grand Ballroom B

8:00-5:00   Clown Store Open

8:00-9:00   Best All Around Clown Competition (skit, costume, makeup and balloons combined). $500 in cash prizes: must have full registration to compete. Registrants only.                                                                                                                                                Grand Ballroom A

9:00-9:15   Group Photo: A free photo will be posted online                                 Grand Ballroom A


9:30-10:30      Seminars

  1.   The Art of Mime for the Clowns Danny Taylor                                           GBC
  2.    Balloon Props for Clowns and Magicians Miguel Flores                            PA                                                                                       
  3.   New Birthday Party Magic Skits with Mike Hummer                                  PB
  4. Juggling for Everyone with Earl Long                                                            PC
  5. World’s Greatest Clown Walk a Rounds with Dave Hill                                GBA 


10:45-11:30   Seminars

  1. Creative Marketing Techniques for Performers with Harold Wood                GBC
  2. Wild and Wacky Game with Prince Puppets                                                   GBA
  3. All the Worlds a Stage with Gretton’s                                                              PB
  4.   Balloon Props for Clowns and Magicians with Miguel Flores                       PA
  5. Parades and Walk a Rounds with Walter Slaymaker                                        PC



1130-1:00       Lunch With A New Friend!


1:00-1:45        Seminars

  1.   Clown Skits from Awesome to Zany with Chris Burton                               GBC
  2.   Bringing Smiles on the Fly with the Gretton’s                                              PB
  3.   Balloon Sculpture for the Beginner with Miguel Flores                                PC
  4. Foam Prop Bldg: Make it Take it ($10 mat. fee door) Bill Leblanc                GBA
  5. Dress for Success! Clown Costuming with Chaney’s                                      PA

2:00-2:45        Seminars

  1.   Performing for Daycares with Riz                                                                 GBC
  2.   Fabulous Show Ideas with Dave Hill                                                             PA
  3.   Easy Gospel Puppetry with Prince Puppets                                                   GBA
  4.      Balloon Sculpture 101 for the Beginner with Miguel Flores                      PC
  5. Glitter Tattoos with Monica & Rick                                                                PB


3:00-3:45       Seminars

  1. Easy Magic for the Absolute Beginner with Tim Stark                                  PB
  2. What’s Next? Thinking on Your Feet with Chris Burton                               GBA
  3.   Real Magic! Amazing routines with NO props with Mike Hummer            GBC
  4. Comedy Magic for Restaurant Performing with DJ Ehlert                             PA
  5. Foam Prop Bldg: Make it Take it ($10 mat. fee door) Bill Leblanc               PC


4:00-5:00       Seminars

  1. Creating Multiple Characters with Valerie Tutson                                        PA
  2. Gospel Clown Skits Chris Burton                                                                  GBA
  3. Warm Ups & Walk A Rounds with Tim & Bobby                                        PB
  4. Storytelling with Puppets Riz                                                                        GBC
  5.   Let’s Make Up with Rick and Monica Chaney                                            PC


7:00-9:00       Circus Magic Banquet                                                                      Grand Ballroom ABC                                                                

The Hilarious Antics of Miguel Flores, Bob & Teresa Gretton with Special Tribute!

MC Chris Burton and Also Raffles, Awards and Prizes & Auction with    Bobby Jonte!

9:00-?            Last Chance to Shop


Sunday, February 21st

9:00-9:45     Seminars

  1. Gospel Skits with Chris Burton                                                                  PA
  2. My Favorite Comedy Magic Routines with Riz                                         PB
  3. Fun & Games With Balloons with Dave Hill                                             PC

10:00-11:00   Worship Celebration: Prince Puppets                                          GBA

11:00-12:00   Wrap Up & Check Out: Drop Your Evaluations at the Front Desk

Lots of Hugs, Packing and Prayers for a Safe Trip.

There’s No Place Like Home!


Santa Sunday with New Mr. & Mrs. New Exhibits! 9:00-5:00

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Business with Joe Barney& Debra Bartolucci            Peninsula ABC

The Legend lives, Santa Claus is known and loved the world over. The mere mention of his name warms the hearts of adults and sparks excitement in children of all ages.

Would you like the chance to learn the ins and outs of being Santa and Mrs. Claus? Join Joe Barney the best in the business and they will share the secrets of being that world character. Learn where to get costumes, or how to make your own. Discover where to get great wigs and beards without breaking the bank. How do you entertain as Santa and the Mrs., for holiday magic, balloon twisting, holiday face painting and story telling? Take your existing Magic & Props and giving them a Holiday Spin. Learn about Costume and Wig Care, making Santa and Mrs. Claus your own character. They will discuss hygiene, safe-touch and even how Santa and Mrs. Claus have their own distinct fragrances. Being Santa is a whole lot more than a red suit! Joe has performed all over the USA. Some of his stops have included: Six Flags Theme Parks, Macy’s, City of New York Goodwill Ambassadors and The Holiday party of The President of the United States. Join Us for a Magical Experience


Next Year’s Dates Are February 23-26, 2017 with the theme of

Coloring the World Happy!

Don’t forget to register this year and get a FREE preday for next year!