Randy Christensen began juggling in 1980 and soon after was introduced to the art of clown. While in college he performed on weekends at area children’s hospitals, nursing homes, community centers and churches. Randy began to study variety arts methods under the direction of Rev. Dan Rector (currently Professor of Children’s Ministries at North Central University, Minneapolis, MN) during the spring of 1981. 

Mr. Christensen’s expertise has opened doors for his performances at such notable place as the World Clowns Convention in Bognor Regis, England, the famed University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Clown Camp, The International Fellowship of Christian Magicians Convention, the Payasos de Christianos Conference in Valencia, Spain, and Advanced Studies On the Performance Art of Clown. A few years ago Randy was the featured solo performer for the International Clown Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Milwaukee, WI. 

Mr. Christensen has taught clowning and creative communication methods at various local, regional and national workshops, and performed in 25 states and 4 foreign countries. 

Randy has authored over 20 books on clowning, variety arts methods, and children’s ministry. A number have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese at request of teachers in Spain, Portugal and Brazil. He has over a hundred published articles in various children’s ministry and entertainer publications. He is a past columnist for the notable “Laugh Maker’s” periodical; the official journal of the International Association of Family Entertainment Professionals. 

Mr. Christensen currently works full-time overseeing children’s programming at a local church in Willmar, Minnesota. He’s active in local community events and elementary school programs. He is a husband and father of three.

Bobby began his clowning at the ripe old age of 13, first paying job was in Chicago where Bobby rode 3 city buses in costume to a picnic, 3 hours later and $15.00 richer, he began his love and life in clowning. 1970 saw Bobby at a crossroad in his life, either be drafted into the Military or join the Navy, Bobby chose the latter spending 20 years on active service as a Photographer. Having spent 6 years in Spain and the only clown in the area gave him the chance to be in high demand. While traveling around the Eastern side of the world on ships Bobby was given the opportunity to perform in many European countries. Bobby met Steve Kissell in 1982 when the Navy brought him to Norfolk aboard the USS America, Steve asked Bobby to photograph one of the first Circus Magic Conventions in 1983 at Old Dominion University.

The rest his history. He retired in 1990 and went full time clowning in 1991 and has been trying to make a living at it ever since, those that know Bobby know he has never starved. In 2010 Steve asked Bobby, again, if he could photograph the group at Circus Magic, he agreed and thus thrust Bobby back into photography. Now he not only covers the entire convention, but has also invested in portrait equipment and offers family entertainers the opportunity to obtain reasonably priced publicity photos. So if you see Bobby with his camera at Circus Magic Convention, SMILE, SAY CHEESEBURGER, and have your photo taken.

Bill “Dabbles” LeBlanc has been clowning around since 1993. He is currently Northeast V.P. for COAI and COAI Competition Past President and Sergeant at Arms for The South Shore Joeys Alley 159A in Southeastern Massachusetts. He has won Top 10 awards in Tramp Make Up, Single Skit, and Paradabilty in COAI Competition. He has degrees in architectural engineering and structural/ mechanical engineering. He has developed a passion for constructing custom clown props, especially with foam materials. He has created original props for TV commercials, circus clowns and the theater. Bill has conducted hands on prop workshops throughout the Northeast and at the COAI Conventions and ran the prop shop at advance studies . He likes sharing his knowledge and skills in the art of clowning. I believe that you can always learn new techniques to practice and share with your local alleys or other clown friends

Jill Harrington For over a quarter of a century Jill Harrington and the Prince Puppets have traveled many kingdoms far and wide.

Founded on the conviction that the heart of the child within us all needs to be enlightened, enchanted and embraced; this unique blend of performers brings together programs worthy of a storybook ending.

Mike was a full time magic demonstrator at the world famous Al's Magic Shop for 17 years. 

He also performed over 100 magic shows a year during the same time period. 

Do not miss his classes.....whether you already do magic or not, you will come away with routines you will use in your show.

Joe Barney has made many appearances throughout the United States including Ringling Bros. Barnum Bailey Circus, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Great Circus Parade, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Walt Disney World, and The White House to name a few… 

Joe has also performed for many large corporations, made appearances on National Television including The Today Show, CNN, NBC, Entertainment Tonight, and Fox News… 

Joe has also been featured in a number of print media including New York Daily News, New York Times, People Magazine, Time Magazine, Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, and on and on… 

Past Northeast Vice President of Clowns of America International and Past Artist in Residence Clowns of America International Instructor of Circus Arts for The Bridgeport Schools Lighthouse Instructor of Circus Arts for The Trumbull School system.

Mike and Nina Britt (aka, Duffy and Sparkles T. Clown) 

Mike and Nina have been performing for over twenty years and have traveled as missionary clowns to over eight different countries. They use their unique style of clowning and ministry to bring joy to children of ALL ages throughout the world. 

Mike and Nina use their special talents to minister to children each week at a local church. They also perform locally at churches, fairs, and various community outreaches throughout the Tidewater, Virginia area. Mike (Duffy) and Nina (Sparkles) continue to improve their skills at various clown colleges and conferences, as time permits.

Dave Hill has been Performing for 30 years (not counting his 8th grade talent contest in which he won 2nd place, blowing the audience away.)

Dave has gone from novice clown to full-time business owner, speaker, and notorious comedy performer.

Some say he’s genius, others say he’s just sick. Dave’s motto:

“If you can’t have fun, you might as well stay at home.”

Bringing their unique clown skills to any venue as two of the most beloved clown characters you will ever see! Jots and SonShyne with over 30 years’ experience specializing in successful clown performances, which include: juggling, magic, balancing, balloons and face painting. Jots (Rick Chaney) The son of world renown Hall of Fame clown Earl Chaney-“Mr. Clown” has been clowning since the age of twelve when he traveled with his father on the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus. He learned from some of the greatest in the business including, but not limited to: Jim Howle, Leon McBryde, Marc Anthony and the list goes on. He performed in Las Vegas, NV with Mr. Clown’s Suitcase Circus on some of the biggest stages. He has developed a kind hearted character, named Jots that is endeared by children everywhere. Whether in front of thousands of children on a huge stage, or a humble back yard family event, Jots gets the laughs! That for Jots is his life purpose. Today he performs full time with his wife Monica Chaney for schools, corporate events, festivals, churches and Birthday Parties. 

Monica (SonShyne) Chaney,started at the age of 14 in Las Vegas, NV where she met her life-long partner Rick Chaney. When she met Rick in 1977 she was amazed that he was a clown and so was his dad! She saw stars and soon enough became a student of the grease paint. Rick taught her the art of traditional make-up which being an artist she loved and excelled in. She also began to practice her skills of performing, juggling, balloon sculpting and face painting. Clowning was in her blood to stay and she added modeling, theatre, commercials as well as face painting at Circus Circus in Reno, NV. Along her journey she added Professional Sales and Marketing, lecturing and traveled coast to coast under the mentorship of ABC’s Secret Millionaire Wealth and Success Trainer Dani Johnson. She is a quick study, and excellent lecturer. 

Both Chaney’s hard working skills make up a successful ingredient for Circus Daze, but the ministry that heads up this team is still number one. This year has been challenging taking them into a diverse amount of venues and environments. Each one requiring a different level of marketing, performing. They were honored to be interviewed by TCT Christian television, by performing a gospel show IN make up, then concluding the interview speaking to churches and Christian leaders about presenting the “Gospel in Greasepaint” 

The synergy and humor these two bring along with their passion to keep the art of traditional clowning alive… a must see team!

In the words of the GEICO Gecko ... My job is to make you laugh; I love my job!” 

Steve "Salty" Kissell is a clown, humorist, author and motivational speaker, Steve has performed in 46 states and 5 countries! Yes, Salty has been performing for 25 years at conventions, schools, churches, libraries, birthday and holiday parties. 

He also shares the performing arts of clowning, comedy magic, and storytelling. He is a co-producer of Circus Magic, Clown Jam, and the Kentucky Clown Derby. 

You can always count on Steve for customized, fresh and insightful workshops. And of course, entertainers from around the world return year after year to learn at his entertaining and informative conventions.

DJ Ehlert is a professional entertainer and marketing expert with decades of experience. 

DJ is also a consultant, author, and inventor with a passion for enriching the lives of others through his products and services. 

DJ is the owner of Kenosha Magic and Costume located in the heart of the Midwest between Milwaukee and Chicago. Kenosha Magic is the combination of a retail store, a performance theatre, and a local talent agency. 

DJ Ehlert is southeastern Wisconsin’s premier restaurant performer. DJ also performs corporate close up and platform performances with clients that include Snap On Tools, US Cellular, Abbott Laboratories, and Intermatic Incorporated. 

DJ has “appeared” in countless radio shows, newspapers, magazines, and television programs. DJ Ehlert currently hosts hundreds of performances per year in the special theatre that is located at Kenosha Magic as well as many local venues. 

DJ is also the president of the Majiloon Balloon Pump Company. Majiloon is recognized as a leader in inflation for professional balloon artists. 

DJ stays in contact with his network of entertainers with his very popular monthly email newsletter “Performing for Profits” which is available for free. 

DJ Ehlert is a devoted family man with a passion for life and philosophy of “pursue your passion.”

Dave Risley Has booked over 14,000 performances and is the author of numerous audio and video tapes as well as a popular children's book! He is also the Co-Director of Comedy Magic Workshop. Dave Risley has been a professional speaker and humorist for more than 15 years. An author of one book and the producer of several audio and video tapes, Dave has brought his humor and expertise to more than 2,000 presentations. 

His ability to present Team Building and Customer Service with a hands-on approach make his presentations applicable to any organization seeking to advance their internal and external customer relations. By helping organizations maintain satisfied staff and clients, Dave offers the tools and knowledge for companies to increase sales and services. 

After receiving his B.S. in Marketing, Dave has been able to draw upon his experience as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army; Regional Sales Manager for McLean Trucking; Corporate Vice-President of Sales and Operations for NR Productions; and as President of RES, Inc. to offer programs with an understanding of the challenges presented to organizations today. 

An award winning executive,Dave was honored with the Marky for International Marketing; a Diplomate award from both the International Association of Business Communicators and the International Council of Scholastic Program Executives; the AMC International Market Master Award; and the Golden Wand for Excellence in Performance, issued by the International Academy of Performing Arts.

 Dave has been entertaining and enlightening audiences that include the Virginia Department of Transportation; Virginia Power; the U.S. Navy; the State Department Federal Credit Union; Alleghany Regional Hospital; Sentara General; FMSA; Winston-Salem Society for HR Management; Virginia Beach Juvenile Court Services; Norfolk Public Schools; and Norfolk State University.

In 2014, Bob & Teresa Gretton were the Advance Clowns for the Cole Bros. Circus. Doing over 115 appearances in 12 States, Blondi and Bunky preformed their Comedy Magic Show at Schools, Camps, Malls, Libraries, and Day Cares to name a few.

Doing several TV and Radio interviews along the way. It was a dream come true, to run away and join the Circus.

Blondi & Bunky both starred in and produced their own one-hour weekly cable television show, “Clowning Around with Bunky” and are honored to be enshrined in the Circus Magic Wall of Fame.

Teresa serves as Director of Membership to Clowns of America International (COAI). Bob and Teresa lecture at COAI and regional conventions. Bob received the distinct honor of 2009 COAI Clown of the Year. Working clowns, they have lectured for COAI, Red Nose Response, Circus Magic, SECA, MACA, TNT, and the Toby the Clown Foundation to name a few. They have provided junior joeys a great education through their summer camps and Circus Magic conventions teaching clowning and performance opportunities.

John Coen is the Director of Creative Outreach at First United Methodist Church in Lancaster, Ohio. He directs a Clown Ministry, Blacklight Theater Team and a Magic Ministry.

Chris Burton has been clowning around since 1997. His clown name “PJ” stands for Praise Jesus because that is what he loves to do. Since God has given him the talent of clowning, it has taken him to different parts of the US, Canada, Mexico and Jamaica. He has been on staff at Show Me Clowns for Jesus, ClownTown, and TNT for Jesus, a Christian Clown retreat. He is a member of the SouthEast Clown Association and Fellowship of Christian Clowns.

David Claunch is a retired mechanical engineer. After 21 years in the construction industry his right brain demanded equal time. Now he is a traveling storyteller, clown and balloon artist. He loves to move people through story, balloons and humor.

RVA Balloons Artist/Owner Deborah Fellman has been making extraordinary balloon creations for over ten years and brings an unusual background to her business. She is certified in Business French by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry and her previous professional experience includes teaching English as a Second Language in France. After twelve years of working for a Fortune 500 corporation, she is now focusing her talents exclusively on balloon design and entertainment.

Her design philosophy is simple: "Balloons are the ideal creative medium because they are a perfect line or a perfect circle. When I see an object, I break it down into shapes and sequences so that I can reimagine the object with balloons. It certainly helps that I come from a family of engineers! I continually refresh my balloon skills. When I am able to make something new that makes me giggle, I know it will be a hit with my customers." Deborah specializes in highly visible, wearable balloons that turn any event into an instant party. She won first place in the 2014 Twisticology Invitational balloon convention for her headband designs.

Jenny Henry can help you make any event memorable and FUN, whether it is a child’s birthday party, a corporate event, grand opening, customer appreciation event, or an add on to fairs, festivals or company picnics.

Jenny's business Best Face Painting Here is central to Montgomery County in Maryland.

She will travel to other areas in Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC. She also spends much of our time in Rockville, MD; Bethesda, MD; Potomac, MD; Aspen Hill, MD; Olney, MD; Frederick, MD; Reston, Va; Fairfax, Va; Tysons Corner.

Chicago born cartoonist, Angel Contreras, has entertained crowds with his wacky caricatures and illustrations since 1988. Birthday parties, Corporate events, picnics, bar and bat mitzvahs are just some of the venues Angel has had the pleasure of sharing his zaniness. Angel’s heart, however has been illustrating for Clowns and Magicians all over the world. 

Since 1995 he has left his indelible mark on the Clown community with his winsome style and singular wit. He has been on staff at Clown Camp® since 1998 teaching clowns the art of simple cartooning and developing his own frolicking clown character named simply, Mr. Angel. He has also been an instructor, teaching cartooning to clowns at the Midwest Clown Round-up, FCM, Next Step, Comedy Magic Workshop, Circus Magic and Clownfest. There have been Angel sightings at WCA and COAI Conventions, Randy Christensen’s IMPACT Conferences, and various clown alleys as well.

Bradley “B-Rad” Roberts is an award winning entertainer family entertainer in Las Vegas. He has been performing for over 20 years as a clown and magician all over the world. 

He is also one of the stars in the Las Vegas show The Super Duper Show. 

The Super Duper Show is Las Vegas’ first children’s show on the Las Vegas strip. Besides being a family entertainer he provides graphic design, website hosting, web promotions, and printing for his clients for over 15 years. His knowledge in this has been priceless for his entertainment business and loves to share his secrets with others.

You may have heard of Lewis and Clark, Lucy and Ethel, but you may not have heard of Chris and Kelly yet. So let me introduce you, it’s really unclear how they meet or where there friendship began. But it is unquestionable that when the two of them become friends, they immediately became explorers into their own imagination. Giving them different insights into the worlds of entertainment. Their quest now is to take others boldly where no man has gone before....

Tim Stark (or “TJ” as he’s known when performing) has been entertaining children in one form or another since 1977. His career as a Naval Officer and Federal Civil Servant has given him more material than any entertainer could want or desire and prepared him for the leap into full-time entertaining. 

TJ can be found out and about the Hampton Roads area (however one may define that term) at Harbor Park “clowning” for the crowds during the Tides baseball games, onstage at the Strawberry Festival, or at a local TGI Fridays restaurant performing close up magic and balloon twisting.

Gary Cole has been an active participant in the face painting world since 1994. He has taught classes to professional face painters for decades and has trained at locations like Disneyland, Sea World, the Shedd Aquarium, the Phoenix Zoo and more. He also is in the Guinness Book for being the fastest face painter in the world and remains the champion for paint 217 different full faces in one hour. Come to the classes to learn some new skills by a very practical real-world type of face painter. He owns Ruby Red Paints, Inc. an American manufacturer of face paints as well as a thriving face paint service business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He has published six how-to books on face painting.

Valerie “Daisy” Tutson has been a clown all of her life! 

No really! Since 1999, It all began when working outside the home with 3 kids and a husband became impossible! 

Val is the mom who went to the kids parties with spots on her legs, and said “What spots? I don’t see anything!” and “Daisy” was born!

Karan (Hugs) Robins fell in love with clowning in 1989. Since then she has thrown her full energy to developing her character and polishing her skills, dragging her family along behind her, laughing and screaming. Let her share her love for entertaining with you!

Jeff Estes AKA Jethro the Clown has been Clowning around for a long time.

He started his professional Clowning at The Southern Baptist Sunday School Board in Nashville Tn.

After that he has been involved in many Clown schools take classes and now teaching whatever he has learned to further the Art of Clowning.