Circus Magic Arts & Ministry Convention Schedule 2022

Spring Training:

Knocking Your Performance Out of the Park!

Honoring Tim Laynor & Ann Sanders

Thursday, February 24

4-7pm         Early Registration and Check in                      Outside Clown Alley

7pm              Staff & Dealer Meeting                                        Big Top

 8pm             Madness Jam                                                             High Flyer

Balloons, glitter tattoos, juggling, magic and face painting. Bring what you have and teach others what you know! And bring a snack to share!

Friday, February 25

8:00-10:00                   Registration Open (get there early to avoid the rush)   Outside Clown Alley

8:15-8:30                     Morning Devotions with Hope Holmes                                                  Big Top

9:00-4:00                     Intensive Tracks

 Clown Stores open 8:00am-10:00pm                                                                                       Clown Alley


Friday Intensive Tracks (additional fee)

  1. Puppet Construction & Performance with David Messick                         Red Nose


Join the Rainbow Puppets as you construct a fully functional hand puppet.  This workshop will provide you with a fully-sewn base puppet, created by Jill and the Prince Puppets.   We will add eyes, arms, and decorations to make this puppet your very own.  Then, we’ll shake them to the music as we work on presentation skills and create a full puppet program which will be presented Friday night at the official launch of CIRCUS MAGIC ARTS & MINISTRY.


  1. Balloon Décor with Chris BurtonCertified Balloon Artist,                         Big Top

     Valerie Tutson & Aarona Clemons  

We are going to be teaching 3 unique styles of balloon décor. Classic (structures, arches and columns), organic (cascade of balloons, frames and demi-arches), and deco twisting (creating sculptures for table tops, making numbers, also sculptures for VBS.


  1. The Business of Entertaining with Lee Andrews, Dave Risley,                         Mrs. Claus’s Bakery

       Dave Hill & Mary Ann Ross


How to market yourself professionally with Lee Andrews. In order to make clowning your FULL-TIME profession you need to be able to market your product! In this class we will look at the great product you already have and expound on ways to sell your shows! We travel through different aspects of marketing and social media to achieve your goal of making clowning your full time profession…or at least a FUN way to make a secondary income!


Business Aspects of Children’s Parties with MaryAnn Ross: Fun & interactive class explaining basic do’s and don’ts of business practice. Preparation before arrival, Coulrophobia and ideas on how to avoid a bad situation. This energetic and interactive class also touches on contracts, liabilities, advertising, music   and a children’s height perspective. All of these points are explained in full and personal experiences are shared with everyone. Notes are encouraged and please feel free to ask questions … pick my brains!


The Magic of Performing for Fairs and Other Outdoor Venues with Dave Hill, the King of Fairs & Festivals!


Tapping the Day Care Market with Dave Risley the performer of over 17,000 shows!


  1. Skit Writing & Performance with Bob & Teresa Gretton High Flyer


This workshop will be interactive.  Learn the building blocks of a skit. Creating a show with skits, bits, and gags.  Tips on developing better stage presence. Working to the 4th wall, projecting, making eye contact with your audience. The Rule of threes. The art of up staging. Staying in character. Playing to the audience. Using the stage, and much, much more….



4:00-6:30         Dinner on your own with a new friend!


6:45-7:45         Welcome to Circus Magic Convention!                                                         Big Top                  


Featuring the fun ONE minute dealer with your MC Boo-Boo Yarborough and performance by the Puppet Class, announcements, and introductions of the teaching and performing staff. Plus…a fun scavenger hunt!


7:45-10:00       Clown Stores Open


8:00-10:00       Madness Jam                                                                                                 High Flyer

Balloons, glitter tattoos, juggling, magic and face painting. Bring what you have and teach others what you know! And bring a snack to share!


Saturday, February 26

8:00-10:00 Registration

8:30-8:45   Morning Devotions with Chris Burton                                                                      High Flyer

8:00-5:00   Clown Store Open

9:00-9:15   Group Photo: A free photo will be posted online                                                     Big Top


Little Big Tops will be in the Longstreet from 9:30 to 5:00



9:30-10:30       Seminars

1.Tips & Tricks with Balloons for the Wow Factor! With Karan                          Big Top

  1. Restaurant Performing with Ron Conley                                                         Magic Hat
  2. Glitter Tattoos with Mary Ann Ross                                                                 Red Nose



10:45-11:45     Seminars

  1. Theatrics for Clowns with Hope Holmes CBA & Mike Britt                            Big Top
  2. Performing for Nursing Homes with Ron Conley                                           Magic Hat
  3. Care and Use of Feather Flowers with Wayne Shifflett                                 Red Nose


11:45-1:00       Lunch With A New Friend!


1:00-2:00         Seminars

  1. Healing Power of Laughter: Hospital Clowning with Lee Andrews                Big Top
  2.          Making Paper Napkin Roses with Bob Gretton                                              Magic Hat
  3.          Greatest Clown Walk A Rounds with Dave Hill                                              Red Nose


2:15-3:15          Seminars

  1. Gospel Magic with Earl Long                                                                        Big Top
  2. Comedy Storytelling with Riz                                                                        Magic Hat
  3. Strolling Puppetry with David Messick                                                         Red Nose


3:30-4:30          Seminars

  1. The Beauty of Great Looking Makeup with Lee Andrews                            Big Top
  2. Face Painting for Fun and Profit with Hope Holmes CBA                      Magic Hat
  3. Easy Balloon Sculptures with Kelly Dillon and Chris Emery                        Red Nose


5:00-5:15         A Fun Show with the Little Big Top and                                                       Big Top

Boss Clowns Bob & Teresa Gretton


5:30-6:15          Seminars               

  1. Business Aspects of Children’s Parties with Mary Ann Ross       Big Top
  2. Stage props/pocket props will improve your show Ron Yarborough      Magic Hat
  3. Performing Multiple Characters with Victor Thomas                     Red Nose


7:00-9:00           Circus Magic Banquet                                                                                   Big Top/High Flyer


The Hilarious Antics of the Lee Andrews, Victor Thomas, Alley #3 & Kolonial Klowns and CM Tribute to Ann and Tim! Special Guest MC: Ron Conley. What a night! Also Raffles and Surprises!


9:00-?                Last Chance to Shop


Sunday, February 27

9:00-9:45         Seminars

  1. Juggling 101 with Ron Yarborough                                                               Big Top
  2. Birthday Party Magic with Chris Burton CBA                                                High Flyer


10:00-10:45     Clown Worship Service – come join us in fellowship!                                   Big Top



Super Santa Sunday: Set up Saturday evening Magic Hat/Red Nose

Mrs. Santa’s meets in Mrs. Santa’s Bakery


See you next year – same date and location!




Join Us For a Magical Experience with Lee Andrews

9AM to 5 PM

The legend of Santa Claus is known and loved the world over. There are very few figures in history that have the recognition and international fame like Santa Claus. For Super Santa Sunday in 2021 join Lee Andrews, one of the most sought-after Santa’s in the southeast. Lee will share with you some his secrets of being that world-famous icon. Be prepared to learn about the image of Santa Claus, and how to recreate that look. You will also learn professional marketing and how to grow your Santa into a money generator. Learn how to perform magic in a way that it’s not magic but magical! Don’t have a real beard? No problem, neither does Lee! You will learn about wigs sets and wig care! Lee will also discuss how to have productive moments while in the chair, even when time is of the essence! Lee Andrews has performed at theme parks, malls, Fortune 500 companies, and so many more amazing events! You will not want to miss this opportunity to LAUGH and Learn!